Platform Capabilities

An ever-changing landscape requires an evolving platform. Health Language offers the only comprehensive platform of software, content, and consulting solutions available in the market.

Explore our platform capabilities below or see how our platform may be used to support you Content Standardization, Data Normalization, Workflow-Enhancing Search, ICD-10 Remediation or Enterprise Terminology Management initiatives.

Content Management

The Language Engine Access Portal (LEAP) is an easy-to-use browser-based workflow application that lets users including non-terminologists collaborate on searching, creating, and managing  mappings of local and standardized content. Health Language applies all terminology updates in cooperation with the world’s leading terminology standards bodies to ensure that the most accurate and up-to-date content is available to LEAP customers.

Code Exploration

LEAP Code Explorer (LEAP CE) is a user-friendly, browser-based tool that lets registration staff, coders, billers, and researchers browse over 100 terminology sets by code, term, synonym, abbreviation, and more. Designed to support the workflow of fast-paced healthcare environments such as pharmacies, claims call centers at payers, and patient registration and financial access centers at providers, the tool’s intuitive user interface lets non-coders find the information they need to move members through their system efficiently.

  • Expedites patient registration by allowing desk staff to quickly search for admitting diagnosis and pre-certification information
  • Improves clinical documentation by allowing care providers to search for conditions not covered in superbills
  • Supports remote employees with web-based access
  • Provides immediate access to content updates to ensure accurate coding
  • Enables access to the correct term, code, concept, map, consumer friendly term, etc., in real time

ICD-10 Remediation

LEAP I-10 is a browser-based mapping and claims analytics module that was developed to help our clients prepare for, assess and pre-emptively address the financial, technology and operational impact of the transition of legacy coding systems to ICD-10 diagnosis and procedure code sets.

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Application Integration

The Health Language terminology web services suite enables runtime access to a variety of clinical terminology services, including searching, access, uploading, downloading, mapping and modeling.

  • Access the correct term, code, concept, map, consumer friendly term, etc., in real time
  • Create custom content, including maps and local lists
  • Use the powerful Language Engine® (LE®) search, browse, and index functions
  • Embed terminology management functions in your EHR or other application
  • Export flat files of content

Language Engine

The Language Engine automates the incorporation of standard clinical terminology into healthcare software applications. With the Language Engine, you can view, manage, export, and standardize all clinical content on a single platform.

  • Enables standard content to be managed and delivered alongside localized and custom content, and within their native structures.
  • Develop subsets, conduct searches, and resolve content conflicts.
  • Visualize concepts in context with parents and children, as well as terms, facets, subsets, and other features.

Content Database

Health Language loads and manages over 200 different terminology content sets, including SNOMED CT®, ICD-9, ICD-10, LOINC, CPT®, RxNorm, HCPCS, DSM-IV-TR, and many others. Our content database includes Health Language proprietary Provider Friendly Terminology, Consumer Friendly Terminology, medical specialty subsets, PQRS content, and other specialized value sets, and can manage local content developed by an organization.

  • One-stop shop for over 200 content sets
  • Centralized source of standards truth
  • Customized content to extract greater clinical value from mappings
  • Automated updating and version control providing a turnkey and highly efficient content tracking and updating process

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Consulting Solutions

From analyzing client data to creating custom content, including maps between legacy data and standard terminologies, our Consulting Solutions team, composed of physicians, nurses, ICD-10 certified coders, and terminologists, provides a full range of services to payers, providers, and HIT vendors to advance interoperability, regulatory compliance, and critical business initiatives such as quality reporting & terminology governance.