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SHIEC Annual Conference

August 19-22 Atlanta, GA More »

Denver Health IT Summit

July 12-13, 2018 Denver, CO More »

Expanding Roles: HIM’s Terminology Management Opportunity

Data and documentation in healthcare have become increasingly more complex. The healthcare industry’s push toward greater value means healthcare organizations must have systems in place to support high-level data governance and information sharing. Simply put, there is a lot riding on a healthcare organization’s ability to engage in business intelligence, analytics, quality measurement, population health, […] More »

Executive Brief: Rethinking Data Strategies for Bottom Line Impact – The Power of Reference Data Management

Extracting “value” to achieve bottom line results requires healthcare organizations have systems in place to ensure clinical, operational, and financial data are captured and used to for reporting quality metrics tied to risk-based payments and reimbursement. More »

Breaking Down the Data Silos: How reference data is the cornerstone of an overall data management strategy

The importance of overcoming this challenge was recently underscored in a webinar hosted by Health Data Management. My colleague Brian Diaz, Wolters Kluwer Health Language Senior Director of Strategy, and I took an in-depth look at how healthcare organizations can bring together strategy, systems, and infrastructure to support management of a crucial enterprise asset: reference data. More »

Breaking down the silos of big data: How reference data is the cornerstone of an overall data management strategy

Managing reference data is a critical building block of an overall master data management strategy, and the missing link that helps to structure and prepare data for more advanced analytics and reporting to achieve greater healthcare initiatives. More »

Reference Data Management

Reference Data Management is a best-practice for managing growing volumes of data, and a crucial first step in implementing a larger data management strategy. Reference Data Management provides the framework for organizing an array of disparate terminologies and codes around a single source of truth. Managing reference data is the cornerstone of an overall master […] More »

Revenue Cycle Solutions

Health Language offers a variety of revenue cycle data files and services to meet your coding, compliance, and analytics needs–whether it’s to power your enterprise data warehouse, enable your EMR with the appropriate codes for billing, or properly license your claims processing system. More »

Consumer Friendly Descriptions

Health Language can help you comply with CMS requirements and reduce your risk of Part C and Part D audit penalties by offering a consumer-friendly description content solution that improves communication to your members. More »

Provider Friendly Terminology

Ease of use is critical to ensure EHR and clinician adoption. PFT leverages sophisticated search algorithms to match terms to appropriate codes. PFT accepts abbreviations, misspellings, word order variances, and word stems without impacting performance. More »

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