Recognized as the leading provider of medical terminology management solutions for over a decade, Health Language draws upon our experience with diverse, global healthcare organizations to provide user-friendly tools that solve complex terminology problems.

Here are some of our partners.


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“Health Language applications ensure we are able to address potential risk areas early, enhance documentation practices and build strategies around new opportunities.”

-Dennis Dahlen, Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Banner Health

“It’s like looking at a map without any tools to measure anything,” Hamilton said. “Many people tried to develop pattern recognition from that signal and perhaps see things we can’t see. That is difficult, but that is what we have done. If something substantial is found, it gives the physician time to rectify it.”

-Emily Hamilton, MDCM, senior vice president of obstetrics and clinical informatics for Cranbury, NJ-based PeriGen


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“Our work with Health Language looks beyond simple compliance with ICD-10 to the inherent value of the expanded code sets. ICD-10 provides more detail about the diagnoses of and services provided to our members. LEAP I-10 is helping us renovate our business rules and analytics to better monitor and act on predictive indicators and to improve quality and care programs for all our customers.”

– Ian Bonnet, Vice President of WellPoint



“Adding LE to our technologies enables us to offer an additional health management benefit, not just an ICD-10 compliance component. With this capability, we can help healthcare stakeholders keep pace with the ongoing introduction of new and updated standards and augment their administrative and care management processes for greater effectiveness. We’re very pleased with the alliance we’ve forged with HL and are excited about the advanced resources it will allow us to offer our customers.”

– Eric Demers, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at MEDecision.

“It presents the data to the physician and connects to an analytics engine for analysis of all the data,” he said. “It is not duplicative and provides clear analysis for things like medication interaction, opportunities to improve care and providing a complete set of services to patients. By providing linkage and analysis, we are trying to solve issues by putting it together in an actionable way.”

– Tom Van Gilder, MD, chief of medical services for San Jose, Calif.-based Certify Data Systems

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