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Reference Data

Establish a single source of truth for your clinical and claims reference data to enable analytics, interoperability, Meaningful Use compliance, Revenue Cycle Management, and more.

Interoperability &

Enable interoperability by normalizing data from disparate sources. Auto-map your data to standard terminologies so it can be used for reporting, analytics, data warehousing, and other enterprise applications.

Revenue Cycle

Enable your EMR with the appropriate codes for billing, properly license your claims processing system, or power your enterprise data warehouse.

Search and

Avoid revenue loss, accelerate EHR adoption by clinicians, and mitigate financial and audit risk by ensuring accurate clinical documentation.


Single source all reference standards to comply with Meaningful Use or utilize provider friendly terminology to minimize lost revenue by capturing the necessary clinical documentation to support ICD-10.

Reporting and

Enhance your quality measures, analytics, or care and disease management programs by tapping into the value of unstructured text and managing complex population cohorts.