ICD-10 Remediation

Mitigate Financial, Operational, and Clinical Risk

The ICD-10 transition presents a considerable challenge for healthcare organizations.  From payment errors and denial rates to clinical decision support, the implications are far-reaching. There is no “one size fits all” solution, and payers and providers must evaluate the potential impact of the transition on nearly every department, application, process, and workflow. The Health Language ICD-10 Remediation Solution leverages our claims analytics and mapping capabilities to drive informed business decisions and streamline systems remediation efforts.



Market Problems
How We Help

How does the ICD-10 transition impact my revenue cycle, where should I start, and what can I do to mitigate the risk?

Our solution analyzes DRG shifts and allows you to filter by greatest impact, understand the root cause of any shifts, and perform 'what if' analysis.

How do I protect the clinical integrity and operational effectiveness of my business intelligence initiatives and code driven business rules and workflows?

Our multi-lateral mapping tools and SmartGEMs proprietary content set ensures your systems remediation efforts don’t get ‘lost in translation’.

How do I identify clinical documentation improvement (CDI), contracting strategies, or service line expansion or reduction opportunities?

Our solution helps pinpoint CDI opportunities and assists in revenue impact analysis by payer, provider, or service line.

Over a Decade of Support for Thousands of Clients Worldwide

Over a decade of international ICD-10 experience (USA, UK, Canada, Australia) has given us a unique understanding of standard terminologies and of how to create clinically equivalent relationships between ICD-9 and ICD-10. Our staff of AHIMA-approved ICD-10 trainers and certified coders, medical professionals, PhDs, and medical informaticists will ensure your organization’s success in ICD-10 and beyond.