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Enable Interoperability with Data Normalization Solutions

Normalize your clinical and business data to standard terminologies so it can be used for reporting, analytics, data warehousing, and other enterprise applications; and at the same time enable interoperability, improve patient care, and maximize reimbursement.

Harmonize Data from Disparate Sources into Standard Terminologies

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Optimize analytics

Achieve your goals around longitudinal reporting, care and disease management

Maximize reimbursement

Maximize reimbursement within value-based payment models

Improve continuity of care

Ensure a complete and accurate data record for continuity of care and clinical decision support

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Improve data governance

Centralize data management on a single platform and eliminate the spreadsheet chaos

Data normalization advanced features

  • Automapping Algorithms – Normalize full catalogs or distinct elements from cryptic and poorly maintained source data into standard terminologies
  • Data Management – Map, model, and manage local terminologies alongside over 150 standard, proprietary and custom content and nearly one million context-specific synonyms
  • Real-time Integration – Integrate normalization services seamlessly into your enterprise using our web services and APIs
  • Web-based Access Portal – Complete cloud-based solution which allows you to collaborate on mapping, task review, and algorithm tuning, while maintaining full content versioning and a complete audit trail
  • Consulting Services – Elevate the quality of your data management programs with a team of medical informaticists, certified coders, pharmacists, and PhDs who can provide implementation, clinical, technical, and staff augmentation services

Need to manage your reference data in one place?

Centralize and manage your reference data for clinical, claim, and business data to enable interoperability, drive compliance, and improve operational efficiencies.

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Health information exchange is a multifaceted undertaking that encompasses the introduction and adoption of a variety of industry standards to support interoperability.

Just ask the numerous healthcare organizations that want to share data among disparate IT systems or pull data from multiple data sources for analytical or reporting purposes.