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In a recent study, ICD-10s were coded accurately only 63% of the time with key offenders being coded less than 33% of the time because specificity and laterality – both major components of ICD-10 – were not included.  The same study documented over a 50% drop in productivity. Coupled with the meaningful use requirement of supporting SNOMED CT® encoded problem lists, a perfect storm of inaccurate documentation and productivity drops across the health system has been created.

Our content database makes it easier for clinicians to record problems and diagnoses by providing a comprehensive library of commonly-used synonyms with mappings to SNOMED CT®, ICD-9, and ICD-10 – effectively solving the disconnect between billing/administrative standards (ICD-9/10), meaningful use requirements (SNOMED CT ® encoded problem lists) and the clinician’s way of documenting clinical care (e.g. short abbreviations or notations).

Clients using the content set within their IT systems can create SNOMED CT® problem lists using familiar clinical terms such as ‘afib’, ‘ank fx’, or ‘elevated BP’. Further, through the use of our coding and clinical attributes, our clients can ensure their clinicians are aware of the additional information that may be required for an accurate ICD-10-CM billable code – increasing clinical & financial reimbursement accuracy while reducing operational overhead.

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