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The Health Language Cloud Advantage

Whether it’s data you possess, data outside your firewall, or data that’s coming, the Health Language Cloud helps you protect it, move it, integrate it, and unlock intelligence from it—giving you what it takes to prevail in a competitive market.

Access content updates and software enhancements, reduce IT and administrative overhead costs, and improve staff utilization.

Faster Content Updates

Feel confident knowing you have the most current content from the world’s leading standards bodies as content updates are automatically applied to the Health Language Cloud

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Quicker Access to Software Enhancements

Take advantage of the latest features and enhancements as they are developed. Software releases are automatically rolled out to the Health Language Cloud

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Reduce IT and Administrative Overhead Costs

Reduce operational complexities and the resources required to manage and maintain extra hardware

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Improve Staff Utilization

Free up time for your staff to focus on revenue-driving IT initiatives as content and software updates are automatically applied to the Health Language Cloud


  • Compliance: SSAE 16 SOC 1 TYPE 2, HIPAA, PCI-compliant Data Center
  • SLA: Quicker support and turnaround time guaranteed by the Health Language Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Technical and operational reviews: HL experts can analyze and provide insights to optimize system performance

No need to worry about software performance, compliance, or security, as our team of experts monitors and manages the Health Language Cloud around the clock.

Need to manage your reference data in one place?

Normalize your clinical and business data to standard terminologies so it can be used for reporting, analytics, data warehousing, and other enterprise applications. With Health Language, you can enable interoperability, improve patient care, and maximize reimbursement.

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