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Reference Data Management

Centralize and manage your reference data for clinical, claim, and business data to enable interoperability, drive compliance, and improve operational efficiencies.

Centralize your data and improve operational efficiencies

Single Source of Truth

Updating and versioning of data to ensure access to historical and current content

Reduce Operational Overhead

Eliminate duplicate efforts across your organization regarding the acquisition, authoring, and maintenance of reference terminology

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Optimize Analytics

Achieve your goals around internal analytics and value-based programs, and enhance your analytics for regulatory reporting

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Simplify Data Governance

Enhance the quality, availability, and integrity of your data – and improve your workflow – by enabling cross-organizational collaboration

“The Health Language Platform ensures our clients can provide Primary Care Providers and Behavioral Health Specialists access to the most complete and accurate patient data while also giving the patients they serve confidence that sensitive information is protected.”

Chief Executive, MAP Health Management

The Reference Data Management solution includes data, software, and services.


Reference data includes: Claims and Clinical Standards, Geographic Standards, Claims Process and Transaction Standards, and International Standards (International only).



Our Reference Data Management solution provides a suite of software applications that allow you to model, group, and search your reference data.

Includes: Language Engine®, Modeler, Code Group Manager, and Code Explorer

The Language Engine, our terminology management software, complements and seamlessly integrates into your existing enterprise data warehouse or Master Data Management platform, allowing the distribution of data to critical downstream systems. It supports consolidated, high quality, consistent and sharable data, thus increasing the quality of analytics and enabling interoperability.



Our services are designed to help your organization implement sound data governance strategies and enable accurate clinical and data analytics. They provide the framework for organizing an array of disparate terminologies and codes and establish a single source of truth.  We also offer services designed to educate your team and ensure you get the most from your Reference Data Management investment.

Services include Content Advisory Services, Integration Services, Content Authoring and Governance, Data Management Blueprint services, as well as other consulting services.

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In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of leveraging administrative data for better quality assessment. As the wrap-up to this standards blog series, I want to look back at Crossing the Quality Chasm as a foundational work for improving the quality of healthcare delivery.

Patients are demanding better insights and transparency into their care. They want to be empowered in their decision-making through better information about everything from diagnoses and care plans to quality ratings and cost.