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Consumer Friendly Descriptions

Comply with CMS requirements, reduce your risk of Part C and Part D audit penalties, and improve communication to your members.

Over 100,000 codes translated to communicate paper-based communications, patient/member portals, EOBs, and other general-purpose translation use cases.

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Minimize audit risk

Comply with CMS Part C and Part D

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Enhance member satisfaction

Improve the language on EOBs, personal health records and patient/member portals

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Improve operational efficiencies

Reduce call center volume from members who need clarification on EOBs and denial letters

Need to manage your reference data in one place?

Centralize and manage your reference data for clinical, claim, and business data to enable interoperability, drive compliance, and improve operational efficiencies.

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Patients are demanding better insights and transparency into their care. They want to be empowered in their decision-making through better information about everything from diagnoses and care plans to quality ratings and cost.

Two converging trends are moving patient communication strategies front and center for today’s payers: Consumers are demanding greater control of their healthcare decisions; and regulatory movements are requiring better patient experiences.